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There are multiple ways to keep track of your impressions & click. Use the Free Royaltie App & change your message on the fly.

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We are the first to introduce free mobile guest wifi that you can offer to those around you.

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Get accsess to our Facebook group where you will get personal training with top affiliates in royaltie. 

Free Funnel

We are currently offering a free Elite Marketing System funnel that captures leads & you connect your autoresponder

The Royaltie Gem    Proximity Beacon

This powerful little device transmits your custom message and promotion to nearby android cell phones up to 100 yards.

Anyone with a 
Royaltie Gem will instantly become a walking billboard.  Promote your advertisement to the masses!

Perfect For Anyone Who Has A Message To Share

Water Resistant & 2 Year Battery Life

Realtors, Entertainers, Uber Drivers & More

The Royaltie Uplink
 Guest WiFi

You simply plug into your phone and free guest wifi will instantly pop up on any phone, computer, & tablet. In order for users to use your free WiFi, they will have to connect by social media or give you their contact info which you later use to market to them your promotion and services. When a user connects to your WiFi they will then be directed to the landing page of your choice. This is very powerful.

Guest WiFi Up To 100 Yards

Ultimate Lead Generator

No Bluetooth Or App Required

Plug It In & It's Ready To Go

Become A Royaltie Affiliate & Earn Monthly Commisions From Your Team Volume!

On the order form, be sure to click "yes" on becoming an affiliate.

Earn volume on 2 tiers of direct sales 
This is not an MLM

Happy Clients

Best investment I’ve ever made purchasing my Royaltie Gems. Not only am I bringing in new business every day, all my friends that own business wanted their own gems and I signed them all up. Such an awesome device.​​​​​​​

Jesse Turner

OMG, I couldn’t believe when they showed up already on and working. Sent my first test message out and it worked right away I got the notification on my Android HTC. Ahh this is so exciting. I have to order more Gems, LOL!

Becky Joy

I like to consider myself an MLM expert so when I seen this Royaltie Gem opportunity I just had to get on board. In just one one month i'm already at $7k monthly residuals. This has been life changing for me!​​​​​​​

Sara Parker


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Mobile Guest Wifi

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